All the inspiration a person who loves houses and gardens needs can be found by going on the occasional house and garden tour. I have been fortunate to be able to attend two this year, one on Denman Island and one on Hornby Island – both communities where creative, unique design is encouraged, especially when something can be recycled into a new use. It is such a honour to be invited into these properties, allowing us to meander through their personal spaces – taking note of each idea, placement of treasures, colour, texture and pattern choices and so much more….

I have an eclectic collection of photos for you, there are so many to choose from and I couldn’t narrow down to a theme today for some reason – hope you enjoy this random selection and that they provide you with some inspiration too!

An entrance into a garden is so enhanced by the addition of a gate….to me, it says “welcome, come on in” and because of the gate there is an added sense of anticipation to see what lies beyond it. So many of the gardens started with a lovely gate….


The gardens were each unique with so many different ideas, plant combinations and intriguing elements…..

This last photo needs a bit of explaining I think ~ it was incredibly clever use of an old swing set (the kind of swing set that many of us “boomers” knew so well growing up!) It looked as though the bamboo poles that are lying in the fore ground would be leaned up against and tied to the top ridge so that the runner beans could climb them to cover the swing set. ¬†This simple idea had me thinking that there sure are so many ways to think outside the box!

Porches have to be one of the other comforting, welcome you in kinds of places…..

Once inside there are no end to the delightful vignettes, original products and use of colour….

There is one last photo for todays post ~ leaving each home leaves you feeling satisfied, full of ideas and inspired to go home to begin implementing something new ~ going out another door that has left you eager to get home to your own!

These home and garden photos are all from the Hornby tour – I can’t imagine how long it would be if I had included the Denman tour this time ~ so another post another time ~ for more inspiration!