The interior of this cottage was perfect, but it just wasn’t quite large enough for the current owners ~ much discussion, many notes, several drawings and estimate revisions ensued over the course of a few weeks and a plan came together that satisfied most of their requirements.

It is always hard to tear apart spaces that look so nice but knowing that a grander dream is underway helps ease the apprehension. Most renovations are so badly needed that there is only a desire to get on with it and change the look ~ fast!

It is too bad I didn’t take photos before the furniture and decorative items were removed, it was done up so lovely ~ traditional and beachy at the same time. You will have to use your imagination on the decorative aspect and just see the dimensions and how they have changed.

Those four shots show the living room and the doorways that lead from this small room, making furniture placement extremely limited when the room also must function as a hallway to all of the other areas of the house. Even though the entry points to the other areas will not be changed, by increasing the depth of the living room the placement of furniture will be somewhat easier to arrange with some flexibility.

There was a lot of discussion on the use of grids in the windows, the living rooms old wooden gridded windows look so utterly charming and added so much character and were in keeping with other windows throughout the three buildings on the property. However, there were also many windows that were plain glass ~ so the final choice was to have the living room be the same as the master bedroom and dining room and not have the grids impede on the view of the ocean.

One of the windows has been repurposed though, it has been incorporated into a new exterior wall that will help protect the front entry from the weather,

The entry doors were replaced with gorgeous new doors that are fully gridded and look amazing. I will take better photos of the entry next time!

The addition through the roof on the one side of the cottage is providing them with a den/overflow guest area and a library sitting room. For the staircase to the upper level we have gone through one of the teeny tiny bedrooms…..

removing the one window, replacing the other with a new, smaller gridded window and going on up through the ceiling!

There are many angles going on but it will look really cute once it is all complete.

The rooms upstairs will be nice & bright and are in keeping with the scale of the rest of the house. A desk and computer station is planned to go underneath the windows to the left, a sofa bed to the left of that and a wall mounted TV on the far right hand side wall. I’ll show you two different stages of the construction “in progress”,

A look back towards the library and staircase….

So, there you have it for now ~ I will do one final update on this cottage renovation as soon as it is all complete!

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