With spring now having been here for over a full week, I have been expecting to feel just great ~ winter is over! ~  but I am feeling like I still need to find some inspiration somehow, the kind of uplifting, makes you happy, I can do that, kind of inspiration. The couple of days of sunshine that we were graced with over the weekend was so helpful ~ I worked in the garden, new plans and ideas were formulating and I looked forward to the work week as I woke up Monday morning. What a grey, cloudy day can do to you at this point, if you let it ~ when winter is JUST over!

So, I had an idea ~ I had purchased the movie Julie & Julia quite some time ago and have been saving it for just the right night. You guessed, tonight it was….. what a great and inspirational movie. I just loved it. The passion these two lovely women found in their cooking and writing saw them through a time in both of their lives when they needed an outlet for their creative spirits.  I thank Julie Powell for writing this wonderful book, so real in it’s portrayal of doing something for the pure love of what makes your heart sing and finding success in seeing your dream through!

Tomorrow, as I work through the choosing of roofing shingles, exterior siding, trim and gutter colours for a renovation we are working on (there are so many great combinations! – yet today I was struggling), I will think of these two – working through a recipe many, many times until it was just right! I also need to order Julia Childs cookbook from the library and make her “beuf bourgeon”, if you have seen the movie too you will know why!  Amazingly, we have the same orange pot that Julie & Julia both used so often! Inspiration has a funny way of finding you if you choose to look for it!