In the Oceanside area there are so very few empty waterfront and view building lots to choose from, so what we have been helping people with over the last few years is in the removal of an existing home, either with a full demolition or by moving it to a new location. Most of these homes are on waterfront properties where they may have been initially built as summer homes and although have been great for their intended use are not up to a standard for full time living, particularly on properties that have such a high value.

This home that is being removed by Nickel Bros. Moving in the photos below was in very good condition and was more than a summer cottage but did not fill the needs or design sense of the current owners. The beautiful waterfront property that we, along with the homeowners, have designed the new home for will be enhanced with the stunning architecture that will unfold in the months ahead.

The house is being relocated to an acreage in Qualicum Beach where I’m sure it will make the new owners very happy.

The house will actually move tomorrow night and all that will be left is the foundation, we will have a machine go in to remove the concrete that then is transferred to a local road paving company where it will be broken down and reused to pave roads. I am not exactly sure how this process is done but am so glad that it is not just used for landfill.

We start with a clean slate and a gorgeous view!

The new construction will start shortly so that  the first concrete will be ready to pour the minute the permit is available at the Regional District of Nanaimo office.