Every home needs to have house numbers ~ they guide our guests to the right house, they aid delivery people in finding us and ambulance drivers that need to find us quickly are lost without them. Traditionally they are very simple and placed on a corner of the garage under or near a coach light. Like so many things though in the home and in the garden, some homeowners wish to add little extra touches of creative expression. Often house numbers are initially purchased with the thought that better ones will be looked for at a later date, as the more distinct looking ones are not readily available. Finding just the right house numbers seems to take some patience, but eventually you can stumble upon ones that appeal to you and fit your design aesthetic.

Recently, as I have been out and about, I have been taking shots of some that stood out as being either uniquely mounted or different than what is considered to be standard.

This collection is just a beginning ~ now I am on a hunt for some more really good, well thought out and uniquely displayed house number applications to share with you!