We wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER weekend !!

Easter means so very much more than Easter bunnies and for us and anyone else who celebrates this special time, I do want to remember what we are really celebrating too.  It is just that these little guys and so many other cute & cuddly bunnies make us happy, they bring a light heartedness to our spirits, and spring colour to our eyes ~ the easter egg hunts, the easter lilies and meals shared with friends and families – blessings all!

It was such fun taking these bunnies out into the garden for a photo shoot – it in itself was light hearted and felt silly – setting them up and laughing at how funny I would have looked stretched out on the lawn or squatting down low taking photos of them, had anyone been looking!

Just incase you think they are cute too, I have added a few more for fun ~ hope they make you smile!