With the current interest in everything “green”, I thought it would be fun to show you two versions of “green” living roofs. I do hope this the interest in green technologies only continues to grow, it really has to if we are to continue expanding and consuming doesn’t it!?

The first shot is of our kayak & small rowboat storage room on Hornby, built into the slope of the hill down to the beach. Rick salvaged logs from the beach for months, trying to use logs that were fairly uniform. He has such fun building these unconventional projects. We went online to find out where to begin to build a green roof. One way that they do it in Norway and we chose this approach, is to seal the structure with a solid rubber membrane, place a layer of soil on it and then use one layer of sod turned with the grass side down and then another layer of sod right side up. It has worked very well and looks gorgeous in the spring, but it does dry out and goes yellow during the summer months because we do not water lawns on Hornby. It blends into the look of all of the yellowed Gulf Island grasses. We may start to add some sedums and other succulents that will thrive in this environment, they will add some interest and some colour.


I found the second photo a while ago on the blog crush party, I thought it was pretty funny. What the future may hold for green roofs if the structure is not built correctly and not maintained!