One of the custom homes we have been working on since the summer is nearing completion, with homeowners that can’t wait to move in!  They have made so many decisions and have chosen so many products that they are feeling like its time for this part of the fun to come to an end. They will be moving in at a perfect time to begin the exciting process of landscaping – hopefully having the patios ready for B.B.Q. season!

These photos are a week old now, so the finishing has progressed along even further since then. I almost hesitate to post photos at this stage as job sites look so messy right about now and with the finish so close I thought I should wait, then changed my mind as us women are known to do….. what’s a little mess between friends? Then you can really appreciate the beauty in a few weeks when the finish shots are posted.

The cabinets, wood floors and tile choices are three of the most anticipated, can’t wait to see (with nails being bitten, shoulders to the ears kind of moments), as they have been so carefully considered  because they have such an impact on the feel and function of the house. Next up would be the plumbing fixtures and then the lighting choices & layouts for the ambience they create. Paint colours are on the list too but at least they are easily changed, unlike the more permanent pieces.

Cabinets have been delivered

The wood flooring has been laid but is not visible because it has been covered with heavy brown paper and thin plywood to protect them from damage. Soon, they will be unveiled!

Ensuite bath tub being readied for installation

The ensuite vanity has been custom built by one of our local tradesmen, its marble top will arrive with the granite in the kitchen in another week or so. A mirror is being made that will match the vanity.

Guest bathroom fixtures and faucets have begun to be installed

A window seat is taking shape

The exterior finishes are almost complete with the cedar shingles in the many gables now all in place – gutter and downspouts will wrap the outside up, except for the final coat of stain on the siding & trim and the painting of the garage doors. The painting & staining will have to wait for warmer and dryer weather, which is coming soon!

Stained cedar shingles and cedar soffit

On many of the homes we build we use cedar soffiting rather than vinyl, it looks much nicer with cedar siding and shingles, especially in covered patios areas or in sections that have large overhangs.

The April 15th deadline (2 weeks past our original move in expectation) is fast approaching but we will be ready….. the cleaning crew will soon begin and the installation of the final touches will complete this part of their dream home building process.