Gates come in many shapes and sizes ~ they can be simple or complex, quaint or pretentious, large or small, utilitarian or whimsical, and yet they all provide an added sense of security.

I have always loved gates, to me they add such a sense of adventure, giving you a moment before entering, to wonder what beauty lies ahead. Gates provide a true entrance to a driveway, a garden or a side yard, a pausing point of entry. How is it though that gates can convey two such different messages ~ they have the ability to say “welcome” or “stay out” ~  and you generally can tell exactly what they are built to say!

I have a small collection of photos of gates that I have taken over the last while that I would love to share with you….

This collection is but a small sample of original ideas for gates ~ the ones in this post are on Hornby Island, out in Tofino at Chesterman Beach and in our own neighbourhood. We have built some of these gates for our clients homes, each one unique to their style of home and garden.

I know that I will do another post on gates in the future, the draw to take photos of them is unavoidable for me and I will want to share them with you! I have started a collection of arbours, pergolas and garden benches too…..