Well, we have had the For Sale sign on the house for a couple of weeks now and have been placing our ads with the local media in hopes of finding this beauty a new family!


PICT0001The people who have been through the house already have been so wonderful with their compliments, the positive feedback has been very encouraging. While the commentary on the choices throughout the house on the design, materials, and colours has been fun to hear, it has been the forested garden in the back that has attracted a lot of attention. I must admit it is lovely – the photos below do not do it full justice but will give you an idea and I will keep trying to get a better shot as spring advances. In between staining the exterior, planting some shrubs and showing the house!

PICT0002PICT0004PICT0007PICT0008The last photo is of Nile Creek which lies below the slope at the back of the property. It is so nice to hear the sound of the water as it makes it’s way to the ocean. The Nile Creek Enhancement Society has restored this creek to reestablish the habitat  to bring it back to it’s former fish bearing capacity, they are very proud of their achievements and it is quite an interesting story that they share. A little way up the creek is the fish hatchery, we were shown the incredible process that these dedicated men & women spend so many hours on each year.

Funny how we can run off topic so easily when sharing information!

Anyway, now that the air temperatures have risen we are able to stain the exterior of the house, the colours are a subtle change from what has shown on the pictures so far, the trim is slightly darker with more brown in it than green and the siding is a warmer creamier beige. I am liking the tones together and will have something new to show you next week! Hopefully the grass will be showing a nice green haze too!