While I had a few minutes yesterday I put together a bouquet of flowers from our garden for the dining room table, then I thought I would try to take some pictures of them. What fun I had – such simple pleasures that can add such joy to your day!

This is the bouquet I started with on the table –


Peonies that were orginally from my Grandma’s garden, snapdragons that self seeded and grew better than if I had planted them and wild salal that I planted just because it is so good in flower arrangements, especially in the spring and early summer when the foliage is still so fresh and light green.

Then I moved them to the side board that sits on the dining room wall and thought they looked pretty but were not quite big enough to fill the space.


So, then I moved a bouquet of Cornus Kousa dogwood cuttings into that spot and not only liked the size better but loved the blue vase there. I just wished I had made a bit taller and fuller bouquet…..