Cravings, for cutting flowers and greenery to make arrangements from our own garden, strike me every year about now ~ natural country type bouquets are my cup of tea, big huge ones, medium sized, comfortable ones and teeny, tiny ones too. Making bouquets feeds my creative side, I love building them!

This first bouquet is mostly pink Bergenia, a really old fashioned perennial that I remember from when I was a child and pink __________, yikes I can’t remember the name of this common native plant! It will come back to me shortly I hope. For filler I just used some native salal, I have planted a patch of it just to use for this purpose and it fills in a corner near the wood shed nicely as well.

Simple and a little sparse, but pretty…..

When I was younger and still dreaming of what I’d like to see us to do in our spare time, I would plan, dream and read everything I could on having a Flower Farm, acres & acres of flowers ~ I could envision the fields of peonies, irises, baby’s breath, dahlias and so many other gorgeous blooms. In our spare time? Silly thoughts of a young optimist – age seems to have changed me into an optimistic realist! Having given up on this idea a very long time ago, I have slowly introduced many of them into our gardens – now I’ve been thinking, why slowly ~ why not with abundance! So….., this spring I am going to start developing one area as a cutting garden, to supplement the flowers scattered throughout the garden beds. The outing to the nursery on the weekend got me started, I have a box full to plant!

The name is starting to return ~ a Ribes ____________. If you know, please leave me a comment! I know it will pop into my head – is it a red currant? I’m off to google it!