One of the most wonderful plants for our Pacific Northwest location, one of my all time favourites, is the fern family. From our large native ferns right down to the smaller alpine varieties – they are all so textural, produce such incredible greens, are so simply charming and add a calming point to all of the spring colour in the garden. Easy care too, what more could be asked of a plant!

At the moment their fronds are all just rising from their crowns, unfurling slowly as the days are getting longer and warmer. It is such a beautiful thing, to watch them change and grow through these weeks ~ oh my, if you are an American Idol fan as I am, that just sounded like something Steven Tyler might have said!

I have a collection of photos for you of the ferns that are in different stages of unfurling, depending upon their variety and location in the garden as they are right now…..

The next two weeks will make a huge difference in the look of these beauties, this stage is so exquisite though – I just had to share!