The renovation on this farmhouse is nearing completion and is looking fantastic – a silk purse from a sow’s ear! Well, maybe not silk but a darn fine cotton!

When we are complete shortly, we will repeat the “before” photos and have the final “after” photos for you. I have been taking so many shots as we make progress through this renovation that I will need to break the upper and lower floors into two separate posts.

I will start with the heart of any home, the kitchen…..

We retained the general location of the appliances and the sink to keep costs down, added wiring for a dishwasher, moved a heat duct to be able to lengthen a cabinet, added venting for a hood fan above the range, placed additional plugs and replaced the door to the balcony. The kitchen was already nice and bright because of the large south facing window and skylight, so that was a huge bonus.

The living room as it was …..

And as we are now, (I hadn’t taken any other progress shots as there wasn’t very much to see)

The wood in front of the fireplace looks funny but it was there to support the tile until it dried. The original fireplace was off set so we had a bit of a design challenge but we have it worked out and it should look just fine when it is done. The ceilings throughout the house were stripped down and re sprayed to give a cleaner & updated look. The laminate flooring has made one of the largest improvements to the house, a very worth while investment!

The master bedroom…..

The old, poorly built addition (where you see the flowered wallpaper) was torn off and replaced with a window. The photo below shows you the other side of the room ~ as you can see in this shot, the closet doors throughout the house were about 10″ lower than normal, so those were all reframed to a standard height. The bulk heads on all of the windows were reduced in depth or completely removed ( in the kitchen) to visually open up the spaces.

Much better wouldn’t you say? Except for the light fixture, the new electrical receptacles and a good cleaning, this room is complete!

The main bath…..

Not dark and too gross but a few different patterns going on eh?!

The floor looks really dark (and it is a dark charcoal) but once the white cabinets go in the room will brighten back up. The tile works very well with the laminate flooring and looks quite natural. The new tub and white tiles surrounding it have made such a difference.

There are two other bedrooms on the upper floor, I only have before shots of these two rooms but I will include them just so you can see more of what we were up against!

So, if you are planning a renovation and feel like it may be hopeless, I hope you find some inspiration from the progress we are making!

The entry and the lower floor will be shown next!