This next post on the interior of the farmhouse will be on the progress of the entry staircase, the lower floor TV room and the laundry room. There are also two bedrooms and a very small bathroom downstairs but there are not many photos of these, so I will just include them in the final post of before’s and after photos in a couple of weeks….

This age and style of home often had a very narrow spilt entry, where one set of stairs goes to the upper floor and the other set take you to the basement – there is not very much that can be done to enhance this area but as you will see, the change is quite dramatic. With some large pieces of art on the walls it will be quite a nice entry way. When I put these before shots in I can hardly believe it is the same house that I know today!

You wouldn’t think it could get any worse, then you see the next stage!

These two photos (the one above and the one below) are taken from a different angle from the others but they really show the enormous improvement. We retained the wood entry door – the painters gave it a good sanding, filled some deep scratches and gave it several coats of paint. The original rod iron railing is being reused as well, it also has had a good sanding, has been painted white and will be reinstalled next week.

The TV room in the basement has changed considerably – now anyone would be able to cozy up on a sofa and watch a movie in this room – as you will see after few “in progress” photos.

The plugs look like they are in the wrong place but the concrete foundation is right up to that height so the plugs couldn’t be moved down any lower. There is now a charcoal tile base under where the wood stove will be returned to. The original brick has just been painted, modernizing the look so easily!

I have left the worst room to the last, it was quite awful as you will see and I’m sure will agree! The laundry room is one of the most used rooms in a home and believe that it should be given the space and consideration that it deserves. A creative person will have lots of room now to get set up and be organized for the chores this room demands.

I just love seeing all of these changes, it makes me want to start another renovation!

There is one more full week until this reno is completely finished – there are just a few bits and pieces to complete – the appliances need to be installed, the windows need washing and the entire house needs to be fully cleaned. The exterior wood work is all complete and the staining is just a couple of days from all being done as well.

So, the next post on the farmhouse renovation will be a lengthy one, with a before and an after shot of each exterior view and each room. I can’t wait to show you!