I came across this pretty table arrangement a couple of times in my travels around the blogosphere ~ it seems to cover several things for this time of year ~ it is gives a calm, quiet & peaceful look after the busyness of December, with a colourful & cheerful palette to provide the promise of spring ahead, all while still acknowledging that it is winter.

For me, it also gave an idea for a small project to stimulate my creativity. The instructions for the candles are so simple, it may even be a good project to do with your children or grandchildren.

To make ~ pour epsom salts onto a flat surface, add glitter if you like a more sparkly look. Apply a layer of decoupage adhesive to the candle sides using a paint bush or foam one, keeping the glue away from the top edges so the flame doesn’t get near the salts & glitter. While wet, lie the candle in the mix, lift and rotate until all of the candle is covered. When it is dry, set on a tray that has more of the mix covering it or on a clean surface.

This vignette is courtesy of  Better Homes and Gardens  and the also via the Inspired Room blog.