I  love spring, it so full of hope & fresh promise. The trees, shrubs and bulbs in our community are bursting with colour, the  sunshine coupled with the spring showers are making all of the plants very happy. The birds are singing and hopping about Рwhat joy they all bring! Photos beckon to be taken at every turn, with the additional thought of sharing them all on this blog.

We have been liming & fertilizing the grass and feeding the plants lightly to give them their spring boost. I will top dress all of the fruit / herb / vegetable areas with compost and all of the beds with fish compost once all of the weeding & pruning is complete. One large chore I don’t look forward to each spring is cutting back all of the ferns fronds, but once I get started and see all of the new fronds tightly curled up getting ready to unfurl, I then am in a mad hurry to uncover them.

It is so wonderful to have the days be longer now, with so much outside to be tidied, cleaned, clipped & planted there is so much more opportunity to get out and play!