With your windows now ordered it is a great time to get the exterior doors organized so that the house can be locked up once the windows arrive.  The possibilities for exterior doors are endless and like the windows, are a permanent part of the house for many years so take your time in looking at your options. Wood, (cedar, fir or pine) fiberglass or steel –  glass panels or solid, side lites or not, leading in the glass, which kind of glass and colour of the hardware, paint or stain grade? You get the idea… these choices and several others will be presented to you for discussion before you commit to an order.

We suggest to start early on in a homes design process to review plumbing fixtures, with huge selections within each plumbing fixture company it takes a fair bit of time to finalize this list. Special roughing in requirements are often  necessary with the assortment of features that are available, so this information will be required not too long after the roof is complete. 

It is also important that while the house is being framed (even while the foundation is going in) to get going with a cabinet company to design your home’s cabinetry. If possible, narrowing down which company you would like to work with is desirable even before you begin construction. A cabinet designer will work with you to produce the best layouts in the areas drawn for your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, while also fitting in your specific appliances and plumbing requirements.  Door finishes, countertops choices and the many other details take several meetings after the basic layout is nailed down. We find that sometimes the kitchen window  or a doorway may  need to be moved or adjusted to accomodate a great kitchen plan so the earlier  it can be all figured out the more cost effective it may be. 

The Nile Landing house is coming along very well, we have these and several more decisions all made (those will be in our subsequent blogs). It feels good to have some of these first ones behind us and we are getting excited as we see it all come together.  Actual pictures  will be posted very soon!