The last 10 months or so have been extremely busy, life changing in fact, to someone who loves their rootedness! This time last spring we were contemplating selling our home, we had designed and built it 12 years prior to that and were feeling ready for a new project of our own ~ work was slow enough that we could fit a new build in and the time just seemed right to make a change at this stage in our life. So list we did… 3 months later after primping and fussing to keep it ship shape inside and out for showings, we had two offers in one day and were SO nervous as it was really happening! Our realtor (thank goodness she is our daughter) can attest to the tears and the glass of wine it took for me to actually sign the papers – for Rick it wasn’t as hard but then he was more ready to move onto our next endeavour.

I knew that the hardest part for me was leaving the garden that we had planned and cultivated for so long – the trees, shrubs and plants become like good friends, you get to know them so very well. Our garden and this small part of Qualicum Beach that we have lived in since our children were youngsters were what had such a strong emotional hold on me ~ but I know that life is bigger than that, there is so much more to do ~ we needed to shake the dirt off those deep roots and get moving! I sympathize with and so admire those of you who move to whole new communities, starting completely anew – somewhat exhilarating planning for a new future but draining and oh so time consuming …

So we have now been away from our home for 5 months, settling into a rental condo just down the street, funny how quickly a new abode becomes “home”. ¬†Here we have been designing our new house for the lovely property we have purchased. It is a getting exciting as we prepare to break ground…. I will be sure to get back into my blogging rhythm to describe our ideas, show some of the new products we hope to use and show our progress.

Not having a garden to tend at the moment does free me up for some other enjoyable activities, like more walks in the neighbourhood. Everyones gardens are all looking so lovely – I will leave you with this picturesque row of flowering plums trees that I saw this evening.