The idea of being able to sit outside and be protected from the elements has long been in fashion, just think of the front porch of yesteryear when folks sat in their rocking chairs and watched people pass by. For many years we have been creating large overhangs and covered patio areas that provide cover for outdoor living on most of the homes that we design. These have become so popular that it is almost a given that one or two will be incorporated into the plans.

What we are finding as well is that homeowners in older homes that have not had this feature are wishing that they had some protection from the sun and the rain. One that we built for a neighbour last summer is an example of what can be done, their home was built in the early ’90’s and this type of outdoor area was not considered. What they desired to have was an area to set out a wicker sofa & chair set so that it would stay dry and so that they would not always need to be in the full sun during the summer. Just having the umbrella over the dining table did not fully provide the amount of protection they were wanting.

They love all of the timbers that are so prevalent on homes today and asked that theirs be built using them as much as possible. The flat roof design worked beautifully, with it reaching slightly over the existing roof line the rain water does not get between the two roofs onto the deck below.

There are two skylights in the roof of the structure that lighten the addition as well as help compensate somewhat for the great room inside the house. There is also a ceiling light fixture for soft lighting during the later evenings.

Pretty much the same photo but just from a further distance back to show the scale as compared to the house. When you are sitting under the high beamed ceiling, drink of some kind in hand, looking at the gorgeous view, you feel very protected indeed!

I just located the photos from last summer so thought I’d include them as well to show a warmer – less chilly – version…….