PICT0022This photo shows the cabinets far better than yesterdays version, not only the lighting has improved but also the stage of completion has progressed.  I have started to figure out how to work on this blog from the Mac where all of our photos are downloaded to so my fingers are crossed for an easier time of this! Now to figure out how to increase the size up to the previous ones!

PICT0032This next one is an older photo (just before the cabinets arrived) but is a good view from the other direction, that looks towards the front entry to the left and the garage to the right.

The painting is coming along nicely, the carpets are set to be installed in the bedrooms and den on Wednesday, the plumbing will be complete early next week as well – so much to look forward to seeing as it completes the picture!

The concrete driveway & back patios were both poured today and landscaping is starting to be roughed in – more pictures next week!