The town of Qualicum Beach is our community and some days “going to town” really makes me happy! After making a trip to the bank I popped over to the library to return and pick up up some books – one of my dearest friends was working behind the counter and she was beaming with the news that her daughter had a baby girl on Sunday! I am so very happy for her – she is going to be  one of the best Grandmothers ever! She so patiently listened to me carry on for years about our first granddaughter and the others that so quickly followed, now I look so very forward to hearing her stories, seeing her pictures and sharing in her joy.

On to the drugstore I went where I ran into another very dear friend, who also happens to work at the library.  We see each other at least once a month at our “Threads” craft/knitting/chatting wine & cheese girls night but it  still feels like it is not quite often enough – so when I saw her today and we had time to catch up on things it really made my day. Some people just make your day complete!

So while I headed over to Qualicum Foods to buy groceries I was feeling particularly light and then was so delighted to have a lovely long chat with a fella that I had known many years ago through one of the garden clubs and he & his wife were also patrons of the library (a bit of a library thread going on for me today!), he had a wonderful twinkle in his eyes even though his news of their aging problems was not easy on them.         I miss the people I got to know so well while working at the library….

Even on a chilly rainy day like this has been, when you have the time to “go to town” and not be hurried, you can find warmth and  feel the spirit of belonging to a community!

Bouquets of fragrant  lilacs to the  friends who made my day today!!