What a difference a few days can make when it comes to the weather here on Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia….late last week we had a lovely fresh snowfall that was deep enough to close our schools and have everyone staying home, leaving the roads so quiet. Many people in our neighbourhood were out walking though, enjoying the challenge, along with the invigorating excercise.  There were also people like me, out with their cameras capturing the beauty…..

It was windy and very cold so the snow was swirling off the roofs creating drifts of fluffy, delicate powder.

The day after the initial snow, the sun came out and really had the snow putting on a show for us ~ it glistened and sparkled like diamond dust had been sprinkled all over it ~ with the temperatures below freezing it was a show mostly watched from inside a heated home though. Anything that reads  minus zero keeps us huddled inside for the most part, except for our newcomers from the other parts of Canada who probably laugh at us winter softies.

Three days of this splendour and then a crazy wind storm with pelting rain and warm air consumed the day. Not a good day for vessels on the water, the waves were huge and crashing onto the beach! Then by yesterday, we were seeing rainbows and everything had returned to green….

We talk about the weather a lot here on the coast, it is as common conversation starter amongst us ~ the weather is unchangeable, so we adapt to what ever it decides to produce, as we all must wherever we live I suppose. During the winter we dream of and plan for winter getaways to warmer, sunnier climes ~ another common conversation starter in these parts!