This house is almost at full lock up now, the windows are all in, the exterior doors will arrive any day and  more solid plywood covering the garage doors will be in place with a lock on it too. They are also just doing the prep work involved before the garage floor concrete can be poured, more screenings, compacting, checking levels, and placing poly down.

All of the rough-ins are complete, the framing and plumbing inspections are actually taking place this morning, so we will now be ready for insulation – as long as the house is dry enough when our guys test for moisture content in the framing. They will have extra heat and fans going steady right now to help with the drying process, as moisture behind the insulation and vapour barrier wouldn’t be good.

The cedar soffit will start to be installed next week and they will then continue on with the cedar siding and shingles in the gables. Our fingers are crossed that Januarys weather will be kind to the fellas who will be working outside doing these kinds of jobs!

Drywall will start in January, then things really start to take shape inside!