We have designed and built a hand full of cottages, cabins and guest cottages, each one unique to suit the owners vision and use requirements, while keeping the integrity of the property that it is to occupy intact.  Each family that we have worked with has essentially had the same reasons for building these special places, the main one of course has been their desire to create a comfortable and relaxing get-a-away where either they or their guests can unwind from the busy pace of their lives.

Over the last 10 years we have been very aware of an increased interest in recreational or second homes, although the purchasing and building of these second homes slowed temporarily during the recession, in our area and the surrounding Gulf Islands, the desire to acquire them has not diminished.

Everyones needs, taste, property restraints and budget are individual and each of these components need to be carefully considered before embarking upon the creative journey of the design & building process.

The photos below are a compilation of the finished cabins or cottages that we have been involved in building, three we did not design and I will make note of the company who provided the design in the caption below the photo. As you will see, each and every one is different ~ they may each share common threads ~ but their owners requirements all differed substantially. Several photos will not be of the best quality as I have taken photos of photos as some of these pictures were taken before we went fully digital and we do not have interior shots available for all of them. They will begin with the smallest and end with the largest in square footage. Enjoy!

Normerica Timberframe

Custom built Murphy bed with drawers and book shelves

Architect - Harvey Bernbaum

Normerica Timberframe

Normerica Timberframe

Just writing this post has me longing for the lazy days of summer at the cabin ~ days where the sun is high, the breeze is slight, the birds are singing and all is peaceful and calm! That is one of the pure pleasures of cabin life ~ the serenity!