The hydrangeas in our garden are almost past their peak but I managed to cut this whole bucket full, plus another full vase. These ones are such an unusual colour this year, they have gone a soft greyish green that is just gorgeous and soft looking. Some blooms on the same plant are a light blue, it seems like the ones that have had more sun are bluer.

Hydrangeas do very well in our west coast climate, they are extremely hardy and bloom prolifically with very little care. Pruning in the spring is the biggest chore with them but I find it fun to shape the bush by thinning out the weak and old woody stems.

Whenever you see books or magazine articles photos about Nantucket Island, there are usually hydrangea bushes happily blooming away. They work so beautifully in a cottage setting, or cottage style of garden.

I sent our daughter home with a nice big bouquet, so nice to see her smiling face walking down the sidewalk with a huge vase of flowers! Next I need to send her home with some green peppers, we have a bumper crop – no one is more surprised about that than I am !