My love of books and reading began as a child, trips to our local library were filled with awe and wonder. As an adult I was so fortunate to have worked for 18 years at the Qualicum Beach Library as a branch assistant Рhow I loved it! Only the demands of our successful construction company kept me from continuing my work there and I miss it to this day. Our home has several bookcases and you can find books dotted about, ready to be picked up whenever a moment is available!

PICT0031These are few from our collection of books that help us find ideas that may be suitable for incorporating into the homes we build with our clients.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it couldn’t be more true in this industry. Of course we have stacks of magazines for the same purpose and I am continually tearing out shots that I think will be helpful to us and insert them into the many binders of subjects we have organized. We recommend to all of clients to start their own binder of photos that they have collected from magazines and ones they have taken as they drive past homes they like. The collection they put together really shows us the style they are trying to describe and so often, it even helps them to see what are they wanting.

In starting the “dream” of a new home, our minds eye does not always see the collective picture -for most of us, it takes many ideas, many daydreams, many discussions, many trips to suppliers, many shopping excursions and even more patience with ourselves to actually realize the completed dream house.