Boats in our coastal waters are an obvious sight to expect to see and yet they so often still delight us and we have run to grab the camera to capture them before they pass by. Even when we are away from our own properties they intrigue us and we have the camera out to snap away. There are many adventures that take place out in the Georgia Strait and the Alberni Canal, a whole blog could be created just to cover the activities on the water ways in our area. For today I will just post a sampling of the vessels that we have seen over the course of a few months ~

We didn’t have pictures of the yachts, the wind surfers, the rescue hovercraft or the fast & small orange rescue Zodiac, or any of the many freighters, the Lasqueti Island ferry, nor the fishing trawlers and the herring skiffs, those will be kept in mind to take & share with you another time. With so many variations of boats & craft to see and with an abundance of wildlife always present, there is never a dull moment at the oceans edge!