A good friend recently introduced me to a local organic blueberry farm that is barely 10 minutes out of Qualicum Beach, a farm that I had heard about but had never been to. Well, now I will be a regular! The berries are very large, sweet & crisp -ummmm, delicious!! In addition to the taste – the bushes, baskets, & boxes full of luscious berries are a visual feast for your eyes!

The book “100 Mile Diet” has raised our awareness to the importance of shopping at our local farms and farmers markets, by broadening our shopping experience in this manner it also gets us further afield in our communities to meet & learn more about the people who care so much about the good food they grow for us.

You can find all of the information to find this super farm on their website at www.goodnaturefarms.com – they also have a sweet little cottage / bed & breakfast, that looks out onto the fields of blue. Along the peak of the cottage are mason bee houses, encouraging the mason bees by providing them homes has become very important in light of the declining bee populations everywhere.

A most pleasant little break in the day, visiting this busy but peaceful blueberry farm!