Nile DrawingThere are several areas that need consideration in the early stages of a home’s construction but I think I will start with one area that can be mulled over during the first weeks while the house is going through the foundation and framing stages. 

One of the first product & colour choices you will be asked to provide are for the roofing but to get to the roofing choice you need to first look at the whole exterior picture. You can begin by simply asking yourself what general combination of exterior look appeals to you as you drive through areas of homes that you admire. Roofing, windows, siding, trim, soffits & gutters and masonry combinations vary greatly, both in their material use and how each one’s design & colour is treated. 

Also, the first coat of stain should be applied to the fascia and barge boards before they are added to the trusses (which is just prior to the roofing starting), so if you are going with any colour other than white it is good to get a colour chosen that is at least close to the anticipated final colour. 

All of these decisions will come to you in time but by going through this process fairly early on you should find that when you are asked for your roofing product & first colour decisions, you will be ready.