The new custom home we are currently working on has been a real beehive of activity recently ~ all of the rough-ins have been going in over the last month, the plumbing, heating systems, gas works, the electrical, communications (phone, internet & cable vision) & sound systems, vacuum and security systems ~ all of the components that are key in the operation of a house. We never like to rush this stage as it is so critical to have it all be correct, not only for functioning but aesthetically as well.  Have you ever been frustrated by wanting to hang or place something on a wall only to have a thermostat or wall switch right in the way? We do our best to avoid those situations from occurring!

The exterior of the house has been covered with Tyvek, even over the window openings to keep the weather out while we waited for the windows to arrive. They are now on site and have begun going in!  The windows chosen are the Vinyltek brand – a great, solid window with as many options available as you could ever desire and that carries a lifetime warranty guarantee. The photos will look slightly busy because all of the white protective tape is still on most areas of the black frames but you will have an idea of the look. The homeowners chose to have black exteriors and beige interiors – a perfect combination.

In the next shot you will also see the choice of soffit, a beige vinyl bead board style – it is great to have these in place as it helps to close in the house for the extra heating/drying that is now underway before the installation of insulation.

Another large project underway is the prepping of the posts & beams before they erect them into place ~ there will be a large post & beam entry, as well as posts & a beam around the garage doors and at the back covered patio. In this first shot you can see the fir has been all beautifully planed and sanded before they go to their next step in the process. In the next shot Glenn is working on the over lapping notch joint ( I’m not sure that is the technical name of the cuts), making sure they are a perfect fit.

No matter how often I see Marvin working at an electrical panel I can never get over how neat and organized the wires are ~ there are so many coming from all over the house, meeting at this one hub and he makes sense of it all! I should have had a photo of the volume of wires that are above him…

The media panel that houses the telephone, cable vision and internet wires is the same, a mass of wires that all meet together and will all do the work they are meant to….amazing. Well, not really I suppose….as they must work correctly but to a non electrician like me it looks daunting. Marvin makes it all seem effortless ~ even when he is challenged by an unusual request or site specific requirement ~ and it is always with a smile!

 The framing and plumbing inspection will take place very soon, extra heaters & fans have worked away for days now and then we will be ready for insulation and drywall. With the windows now in and exterior doors being installed as we speak, the exterior stone will start to be applied next ~ that will really start to create some curb appeal!