Here on Vancouver Island, May has to be the very best time of year in the garden, everything is bursting out of the ground & unfurling and many plants are in their full & glorious blooming stage. The fragrances in the air stop you in your tracks, just to breathe them in.  One of my very favourite things in life are fragrant plants!

I took this collection of photos early last week, wanting to share them with you ~ where has the time gone!? The garden has changed so much in a week, it is incredible to me how it happens so quickly. The weeds are happily growing away too, thats for sure, but I am relentless ~ getting out in the garden every evening for a couple of hours to pull them as I tend to the more pleasurable aspects of gardening.

Enough talking and on with this collection, hope you enjoy the tour….

The maple trees are so pretty, their new leaves are all so fresh and tender….The real show stoppers right now though are the rhododendrons and azaleas – always so amazing and so colourful….

Quieting some of this exuberance down are the ferns and lush new growth of other perennials…

Once your eye has taken in the larger scaled trees and shrubs you start noticing the smaller perennials that are so full of themselves right now too… the peonies buds are plumping right up and the primroses, epimediums, gentians, violets and small irises are all blooming away….

These small irises have the most incredible vanilla scent, whether sitting near them on the patio or kneeling  beside them as you work, you find yourself intoxicated with their fragrance.

There are so many more lovely flowers and shrubs that will be reaching their high point so very soon, there is so much to anticipate! When I was a little girl, my Dad started sharing his excitement of springs unfurling with me ~ I will be eternally grateful to him for this!

See you soon ~ with more spring colour to share! Hope you have a relaxing and fun May Long weekend!