A dinner group that we belong to, that is held between homes of friends in Qualicum Beach, on Denman and Hornby Island’s, had it’s Christmas dinner Friday night. The home we were at was so cozy with a blazing fire in the grate, the Christmas tree was beautifully lit and decorated, the mantel was adorned in the most incredible arrangement of greenery and lights, delicious smelling aromas were coming from the kitchen,….. and our dear friends were all relaxed and ready for some great conversations, along with the beverages that we so enjoy!

The host and hostess are devoted “foodies”, so the dinner was one taste sensation after another. Not a prepackaged or store bought ready made morsel was to be spotted, all was made fresh – not that I’m opposed to ready made, with our hectic pace in life they are often a necessity but the difference is a welcome treat!

Thinking of treats, we bought some little tree ornaments and packaged them up for the girls – just a little token to have fun opening! I love preparing these kinds of little treats, the packaging is half of it – working with the tissue, choosing the bags and adding any embellishments. I am fairly organic in my taste so don’t lean to so much glitter, so these paper bags were perfect with just the added touch of a teeny bit of glitter on the white ornament that I added onto the bags.

The spot I chose to set up these little bags to take a photo was right underneath some Santa Clauses from our collection, so I thought I’d include a shot of them as well.