Last weekend we went down to the beach in front of our cabin, lured there by the sound of what we had hoped was the elephant seal returning for a visit. He had arrived the previous weekend and we had the pleasure of seeing him over a couple of days – he was as curious to see all of us as we were to watch him I think! As he lingered along the shore, he snorted and made noises as though he was telling us a story ~ all of the photos we took were not close up enough to really show him well but this will give you an idea……

While we waited for him to come up for air I couldn’t help but keep the camera busy, so much to capture ~ if only the salty sea air could be be recreated online as well!

Looking east toward Whaling Station Bay ~

A close up of the golden seaweed that covers the rocks along the edges ~

Looking back towards the cabin ~

Our little wooden dinghy, patiently waiting on the boardwalk ~

We found great rocks, more special pieces of driftwood and shared a quiet few moments just taking in the serene beauty. The elephant seal (if it was actually him anyway) didn’t reappear, so we headed back up the hill for a coffee – sitting on the deck where we could keep an eye out for him. On the coffee table on the deck sits a collection of mostly similar shaped rocks from our beach, a couple of small pieces of driftwood and a new starfish ~

This starfish looks so real, I was amazed when I first saw it at the Coombs Market recently ~ just knew we’d have a spot for him somewhere! One of those small purchases that makes you so happy ~ not as happy as seeing an unusual creature unexpectedly in your midst but happy none the less!