Late last week, I had the opportunity to drive down to Victoria on my own, it was a gorgeous sunny day and one of the first that felt truly warm. There were so many places that came to mind that I would love to explore but narrowed it down to just a few. My next itinerary for a trip down island is already full in my mind, there is so much to see & do!

My first stop was at Dinters Nursery just south of Duncan, it is a nursery that has been there as long as I can remember and am just getting to know it in these last few years as I’ve had time to explore further afield. I found several perennials that were new to me, oh happy days when you walk out of a nursery with a box of plants! The sign when I was leaving was in need of having its picture taken…

Exit at Dinter Nursery

Exit at Dinter Nursery

While in Victoria my main two goals were to go to a couple of wool shops that I had found online and visit the Abkhazi Gardens. So off to the wool shops first while my mind was still fresh. The Beehive Wool Shop on Douglas St. was fabulous, filled to the brim with every colour and type of wool and size of needles you could imagine. I was lucky enough to be there while a class being held, the tail end of one where the women were all still at the table in the center of one section of the store busily knitting and chatting. Just like you could imagine from an excerpt from the book the Friday Night Knitting Club. Cozy, friendships, projects, learning ….

Then I found Buttons & Needlework on View St. – wool of every description, needlework kits, books & buttons galore, it felt very British and well established. I felt like a kid in a candy store but left with only a new knitting book, with so much selection it was a wee bit overwhelming. Next time I will have a plan for what I am wanting to find!

After a quick walk through Chinatown, a quick peek in one of my favourite decorating stores – Inside Out – and a quick lunch (time was just flying by!) I headed out to the garden. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally be going to this garden that I had heard so much of for years and was it ever worth it. Only minutes from downtown, yet you feel like you have left the city far behind. The garden is only 1.4 acres in size but it feels much larger with beauty at every turn in the path. The story of the Abhkazi Gardens is one that leaves you inspired and sure of what love can produce.

I have several more pictures to share but for some reason they will NOT upload, I have done everything the same and it just won’t work. So maybe on my next post?!