This list was written by Leo Babauta, Leo has an awesome blog on living a simpler, slower, more Zen like life – which when we are so consumed with all that our lives demand of us there are times we need to “just breathe”. By finding time to do this simplest of tasks – just breathe – I find that I become more able to be me and resurrect my creativity in areas that get lost in the shuffle.
I trust that I am not alone in acknowledging that this list is a good start!      Thank you Leo!

  • less TV, more reading
  • less shopping, more outdoors
  • less clutter, more space
  • less rush, more slowness
  • less consuming, more creating
  • less junk, more real food
  • less busywork, more impact
  • less driving, more walking
  • less noise, more solitude
  • less focus on the future, more on the present
  • less work, more play
  • less worry, more smiles
  • breathe

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