At this point of a new home it looks like a blank canvas that is ready for a creative artist to begin working on……, and in a sense it is. Even though the plans are complete and it can be built exactly as drawn, we and the home’s owners can and most often do start coming up with additional ideas and choices to enhance the building as it develops from here. The options that continue from this point right through to the completion of the home do not necessarily always mean more expense, they may be improvements that were not seen or thought of through the initial design stages, some ideas may actually even reduce costs.

From the garage through to the great room and master bedroom & ensuite

and from the corner of the ensuite back to the garage!

The fir T&G plywood that we use is a select grade that is 3/4″s of an inch thick, besides a solid foundation being extremely important, Rick feels that using this superior quality of material helps in creating a strong & stable sub floor for the rest of the home that will built upon it.  As you can see in the photos, the perimeter plate is now in place ready for the construction of the exterior walls to begin, it is extra tall to prepare for the 2″ concrete base that will hold the water lines for the in-floor heating system.

From the front garden, past the entry into the great room & dining

We hope that you will continue to watch our blog for more posts on this gorgeous home as we take this blank canvas through to being ready for viewing as though in a gallery!