One of our very good friends has been rebuilding a ’31 Ford pick up for quite some time, it was just completed a couple of months ago. After dreaming of this day for over 30 years he can now proudly show his friends & family what he had envisioned for so long, when all they could see was an old “rust bucket”!

They entered the truck in the Seaside Cruizers Fathers Day Show & Shine in Qualicum Beach this past weekend, where thousands of people arrive in town to take in all of the fantastic classic cars.  They have two more shows to attend in Washington State next month and many more in the coming years I’m sure!

I was thrilled today to be taken for a drive, it was so fun to be in such a beautifully perfect antique and to hear the sound of one of those old time hot rod motors purring along!



To show even more of the perfection I took a close up of the inside of the box, it is stunning. Foolishly I didn’t ask to see the motor to take a picture of that too,…. next time!